The Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) is intended to document the skills needs in a company and to describe then range of skills development interventions that the company will use to address these needs. A WSP must be developed and submitted every year in order to comply with current Skills Development Legislation.

The Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and the Annual Training Report (ATR) are instrumental in the establishment of a demand-led skills development system which is responsive to the social and economic needs of South Africa

The ATR accompanies your WSP and is submitted along with the WSP. As stated above, the ATR is intended to show progress against your last WSP. The Report reflects the education, training and development that were implemented in the previous year. Your ATR will assist you in identifying the success/ failure of your previous efforts, thus allowing you to identify areas which you can improve on in order to remain effective and competitive. Records of all education, training and development activities should be available to confirm the information given in the report.

  • You as an organization becomes eligible to apply for Grants from the affiliated SETA,      provided a WSP has been accepted and approved by the SETA. These grants can assist you to effectively implement development initiatives. e.g Learnerships, Internships or Skills training programmes as indicated on the submission of WSP and ATR
  • Complying with the above you get access to funds for development.


  • Access to funding for training of staff in line with SETA guidelines - Next Submission date 30 April 2019.
  • Completion and submission of WSP/ATR - 20% of skills development levies (SDL) paid.
  • Completion and submission of request for pivotal funding - 49% of SDL pain in line with sector priority skills.

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